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Survival Knives, a tool that just may save your life on your next adventure. Whether your gone fishing for a day,
or just out for a stroll, survival knives should always be by your side. We have a large variety of survival knives
to choose from. Feel free to contact us if you need help finding the perfect knife for your outdoor needs. These
survival knives
also make for great gifts and look great in your knife collection, if your like me!

Esee Izula Signature Model Survival Knives Buck Hood Punk Survival Knives Buck Hood Cocobola Hoodlum Survival Knives
Esee Survival Knives, Escape, Evasion Knife - Black Buck Hood Thug Machete Survival Knives Esee Izula with Kit - Pink
Esee Izula with Kit - Pink
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Knives have been around for thousands of years. If you look around your home, most likely you have a variety of knives lying around. Each knife has its own special purpose; from cutting steak to spreading butter. Now imagine living a week without using a knife. Impossible, right? We use knives so often in our daily lives we almost take them for granted.

Hunters, fishermen, hikers and all kind of outdoors-men need to have a good knife on them at all times when they are out in the wild. A knife needs to be strong enough to withstand heavy use while maintaining its integrity. You wouldn’t want a knife that you will need to re-sharpen after each use.

A smart outdoors-man will have more than one knife in his pack. Personally I wouldn’t want my one and only knife breaking on me when I need it the most. At Sharp Survival Knives we make it our goal to find the perfect knife for you. With our wide variety of Survival Knives it’s hard not to fall in love with the perfect knife. Not only are our survival knives cool looking, they are also made of high quality materials. We guarantee you will not be disappointed in your purchase.

Survival Knives will definitely save your life. Here in NY, we have a large reservation called the Adirondack Park. The park is almost a quarter of the entire state. With all the trails thousands of acres of woods it’s an outdoors-man dream come true. If you’re an adventurous soul, you may find yourself stranded or lost in the middle of nowhere while hiking through the reservation. How will you protect yourself against Mother Nature without a set of trusty survival knives at your side?

No cell service will you have you stranded for days. You will need shelter, food, maybe a fire to keep you warm. Having the right set of survival knives will be crucial to your survival in the wild. Survival knives with serrated blades will work wonders and you may have enough sticks sawed up in time to make a lean-to and even a fire before the sun sets. Some campers will have a small camping hatchet in their pack as well. You wouldn’t want to take all day chopping wood with your survival knife, would you?

So, you have your fire going, you have a lean-to a short distance away. Let’s just say your Boy Scout skills are being tested to the limits. You are running out of food since getting lost was not in your plans for the weekend hike. Luckily you have a set of fishing hooks and some line you could use at the nearest stream to catch fish. Or, if there is not water nearby, using your sharp survival knife, you can have a rabbit trap going in no time. Or if you have totally gone wild, just attack the first edible animal or bird you see with your knife.

As an avid outdoors-man, I have a variety of survival knives in my collection. Each trip I carefully select the perfect set of survival knives for my adventure. You never know the next time you may have to protect yourself from the wild. It’s always best to be prepared!

We would love to hear your survival knives stories and or reviews of how something as simple as a knife saved your life. Feel free to email them to us and let us know if we can publish your survival knives story on our website.

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